The efects of concept drift

Mar 23 2011 Published by under News

Concept drift is the main problem on spam filtering. Filters are not able to handle information about nuclear problems in Japan and consequently, are not able to accurately filter newest e-mails anouncing potasium iode pills for sale.

Concept drift references a lot of issues that can not be modeled (sometimes are unknown) and can be relevant for solving the target problem (spam filtering). A new spam trend based on advertising a new illegal product is a fact that can not be handle by filters and makes the filtering more difficult. What about new techniques and/or ideas used by spammers to avoid spam filters. Each of then involves changes on target problem and requires a filter update.

We believe that spam filtering can not be solved by using a software product. A spam filtering service is needed to manually handle the effects of concept drift.


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[2] SpamWarnings: If Japan nucl? Radiation reaches the surface? United States, you need potassium iodide pills?

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